Your Kidney
Care Pharmacy

Who We Are

At DaVita Rx, our pharmacy services are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of patients with kidney disease. Our patients’ safety comes first. We keep our patients’ kidney disease in mind as we review every prescription for appropriate dosing and possible drug interactions, as well as patient and drug information, to help dialysis patients with the challenges of following their medication regimens. Our tools and expertise make DaVita Rx a valuable partner to patients, caregivers and providers.

Your Kidney Care Pharmacy

A full-service pharmacy specializing in kidney care, DaVita Rx was founded in 2005. Today, we have operations in California, Florida and Texas, and we serve patients nationwide.

At DaVita Rx, you can be sure we are focused on what you need. Our pharmacists review every prescription for patient and drug information, appropriate dosing and possible drug interactions to help ensure safety and assist patients with the challenges of managing their medications.

DaVita Rx has the tools and expertise you need in a pharmacy. We provide many services to help patients adhere to their drug regimen including:

  • Pharmacists specially trained in kidney care
  • Pharmacists on-call 24/7 to address questions and concerns
  • Renal and other medications readily available
  • Special prescription medication reviews to help ensure patient safety
  • Assistance navigating insurance benefits
  • Refill reminders to help ensure you have the prescription medications you need
  • No-cost delivery to you


Having a kidney care pharmacy can make a difference!

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