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This Online Privacy Policy describes how DaVita Inc. (“DaVita”) collects, uses, and protects information you provide when you use DaVita’s websites. For more information regarding how DaVita protects the privacy of patients’ protected health information (PHI) under the HIPAA Privacy Rule, please see our Privacy Practices Notice which can be found through the Privacy of Medical Information link. This Online Privacy Policy applies to websites owned and operated by DaVita, including but not limited to, DaVita.com, Dialysisfinder.com, DaVitaRx.com, DVALab.com, DaVitaclinicalresearch.com, FalconEHR.com, and YourKidneys.com.

Your privacy is important to DaVita. We understand that health is a personal, private subject, and we want you to feel comfortable visiting our websites and using our services. This Online Privacy Policy tells you what information we collect, how we protect it, your relationship with our websites, and what choices you have regarding information about you. We urge you to read our Online Privacy Policy so that you will understand both our commitment to you and your privacy, and how you can control the use of your information.

Links to third party websites

As a resource to visitors to our websites, DaVita provides links to other websites. DaVita, however, cannot guarantee the policies or standards used by such third party sites. DaVita does not endorse, nor is it responsible for the content of, any privacy practices employed by any non DaVita websites. If you link to a third party site from DaVita's website, information you provide on the third party website is not subject to DaVita's privacy policy. You should consult the privacy policies of each site you visit.

Your choices

You are not required to provide any personal information in order to view content on our sites, such as articles and recipes. However, in order to receive newsletters and announcements by e-mail, post comments in the forums, save recipes and articles, or communicate with other DaVita community members, you must register for a My DaVita web account and by doing so, you agree to receive these types of communications.

When you join the DaVita community by registering for a My DaVita account, you must provide the personal information designated as "required" on the registration page. This information will be private unless you choose to make it public. After you have registered, you will have the opportunity to provide additional personal information under “Edit My Profile” and will also have the opportunity to create an extended personal profile, including posting a photograph and listing your location. This extended personal profile information will be visible to other community members and the public when you make postings, such as comments to a forum or reviews of recipes. Whether you provide this additional personal information or create a public profile is entirely your option.

If, at any time, you would like to deactivate or have us remove your My DaVita account, you may do so by sending a request to us using the form at contact us.

Personal information we collect about you & how we use it

We collect personal information about you, such as your name, e-mail address, date of birth, and zip code that you provide to us when you register for a My DaVita account and when you update your profile. We use the personal information that you provide to respond to your questions, provide you the specific services you select, show you website content, including advertisements, that may be of interest to you, send you e-mails about website maintenance and updates, and inform you of significant changes to this Online Privacy Policy.

We do not share your personal information with third parties, outside of the DaVita family of companies.

Your My DaVita Web Account & interactive tools

You will create a public profile as part of the registration process for your My DaVita web account. Except for your user name which will stay constant, you may change your public profile data at any time; however, public profiles are often indexed and cached by Internet search engines (e.g., Google, Yahoo, Bing). Regardless of whether you enter public profile data or not, personal information not contained in your public profile, such as full name or e-mail address, will not be revealed by DaVita to others without your consent.

Many of the specific tools and services on our website require registration.  If you choose to register a My DaVita account so that you may use certain interactive tools or other services, we require you to provide us with certain personal information. Depending on the tool or service you have selected, we may also collect certain personal health information. You are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the personal information and personal health information you submit to DaVita. Inaccurate information will affect the information you receive from us when using our site and tools and may impair our ability to contact you as described in this Online Privacy Policy. For example, your e-mail address should be kept current because that it is how we will communicate with you.

After you have registered your MyDaVita account, you may choose to use certain interactive content, tools, and services that may ask you to provide other types of information about yourself, including personal health information. Using these tools and providing additional information is entirely up to you. Some of the tools, such as certain quizzes or calculators, do not retain your personal health information, while others, such as the GFR Calculator, store your personal health information in accordance with the description we provide and the authorization you provide at the time you use the tool.

Other information we collect & use of cookies

We use cookies to collect information about your use of our websites, special promotions, and newsletters whether you register or not. The information helps us improve the experience you have when using our websites by (1) allowing us to dynamically generate advertising and content on websites or in newsletters that may be of interest to you; (2) helping us statistically monitor how many people are using our websites and opening our e-mails, and (3) showing when and how these actions are being taken. We may use cookie information to show you specific advertisements on our websites, based on areas of the sites that you have visited during the same session, or to determine the popularity of certain content or advertisements. Cookies are also used to facilitate your log-in to your My DaVita account, as navigation aids, and as session timers.

Most browsers offer instructions on how to reset your browser to disallow cookies in the "Help" section of the toolbar. If you do not allow us to use cookies, some of the functions and conveniences of our websites may not work properly, but you do not have to allow us to use cookies in order to have a productive experience on our websites.

We do not link information from cookies to personal information you provide without your permission and do not use cookies to collect or store personal health information about you. We do not share information from cookies with third parties that are not part of the DaVita family of companies.

How we protect your personal information

We use secure sockets layer (SSL) technology to encrypt your personal information, when you enter personal information using our forms. This technology protects your personal information as it is being transmitted over the Internet from your computer to our servers. To protect our server environment, we maintain an ongoing risk management program and use industry standard practices and technologies to ensure your information is well-secured.

Newsletters & e-mail messages to you

When you register for a My DaVita account and at various times as you use our websites, you will be given the option of receiving recurring informational/promotional newsletters via e-mail from DaVita. These e-mails will not contain personal health information. When you sign up for our e-mail newsletters, or at any time, you can choose to receive fewer or more promotional e-mails from DaVita. In order to subscribe to DaVita newsletters via e-mail, we will ask you for your contact information (e.g., name and e-mail address). You can unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time by simply:

  • Following the directions included at the bottom of each e-mail newsletter you receive from DaVita or editing the information you entered when you registered by:
    1. Logging in to DaVita.com
    2. Selecting, "Edit My DaVita"
    3. Selecting "Newsletters”
    4. Unchecking the newsletters you do not want to continue receiving. (If you want all newsletters to stop, then you must uncheck all of them)
    5. Checking any additional newsletters you want to receive
    6. Pressing "Submit" at the bottom of the page to confirm your new choices
  • The unsubscribe process may take up to three (3) business days to complete.

If you have difficulties with our newsletter and e-mail subscription service, please use our contact us page to write us and let us know about your issue. DaVita Customer Service will help resolve your issue, typically in three (3) to five (5) business days.

In some cases, when you click on a link or an advertisement on our websites, or in an e-mail or newsletter we send you, your browser may be momentarily re-directed to the website of a third party which, acting at the request of DaVita, notes or "counts" your response to the e-mail or newsletter before re-directing your browser to the link you selected. This re-direction process may not be apparent to you, and we only use this process for counting overall responses.

E-mails you send to DaVita

This Online Privacy Policy does not apply to content, business information, ideas, concepts, or inventions that you send to DaVita by e-mail. If you want to keep content or business information, ideas, concepts, or inventions private or proprietary, do not send them in an e-mail to DaVita. We try to answer every e-mail within 48 business hours, but are not always able to do so. DaVita’s website and email correspondence with you is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice from a physician. Please check with a physician if you need a diagnosis and/or for treatments or information regarding your specific condition.  If you are experiencing urgent medical conditions, call 9-1-1.

E-mail a page

If you use our E-mail a Page service to tell a friend about our websites or newsletters, we will ask you for your name, your e-mail address, and your friend's e-mail address. We will automatically send your friend a one-time e-mail inviting him or her to visit the site using your name and e-mail address as the "from" e-mail address.  DaVita does not use your name, your e-mail address or your friend's e-mail address for any other purpose.  We will only use the information you provide to send the e-mail you request.

Community, health communities, blogs and other public forums

DaVita websites feature several community areas and other public forums where users with similar interests or medical conditions can share information and support one another, or where users can post questions for knowledgeable DaVita team members to answer. We also offer online discussions moderated by medical or healthcare experts. Our communities and public forums are open to the public and should not be considered private.

Any information, including personal information and personal health information, you choose to share in our online community areas (e.g., a forum, expert Q&A posting, reviews, or online discussion) is by design open to the public and is not private. You should think carefully before posting any personal information or personal health information in ours or any other public forum. What you post can be seen, disclosed to, or collected by third parties and may be used by others in ways we cannot control or predict, including to contact you for purposes you have not authorized. As with any public forum, on any site, the information you post may also show up in third-party search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing, etc..

Children’s privacy

DaVita’s websites are intended for adults, age 18 and older, and are not intended to attract children. DaVita will not collect personal information from any person we actually know to be under 18 years old.

How to contact us if you have a question or complaint

If you have a question about DaVita’s Online Privacy Policy, wish to make a complaint, or believe that your rights under this Online Privacy Policy may have been violated, you may click on the contact us link on the bottom of most DaVita web pages or contact us using the information below.